Those of you who know me in real life know that I’m going through a lot of changes. I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who nurtured me through change and my early, impressionable adulthood. I’ve changed so much since I started blogging, and I’m infinitely grateful for the compassion people showed me when I fucked up, when I was a jerk. I’m very grateful that I came into a better sense of myself.

There are many reasons I’ve decided that I do not want this blog to be read by anyone other than than me, but rest assured, it’s not for a job or anything like that. I’ve said (and done) some fucked up shit on the internet and I would like to make those things private, and make new mistakes. I like new spaces, new fresh designs and new ways of seeing things. Closing this blog is more symbolic than anything, and if you have any desire to keep following me, I encourage you to do so.

I hope to find you around the internet, doing what you do best.

Much love, and thanks,

EDIT (MAY 2012):
Hey all ya’ll, I’ve redacted contact info for the time being, mostly because I’m heading into a professional career and I’d rather my adolescent internet fumblings were not public to the world. I hope you understand and that your life finds you well and full of joy.